<h2>OLIVER'S <br>STORY</h2>
        <h2>A PUBLIC PLEA</h2>
    <ol><li>What is your child’s name..</li></ol>Brooklyn, she’ll be 12 on <a href="canary:event?ts=617306405.00">Friday</a>, going into grade 7. 

A little background on Brooklyn, she was born at 32 weeks with Tracheoeophageal Fistula (TEF) a heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) , she is non verbal and mentally delayed , she also has a feeding tube and when she gets sick, she gets really sick (she has been hospitalized many times just because of a cold) 

  1. What three concerns do you have about school re-opening in Se
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    <ol><li>What is your child’s name..</li></ol><p>His name is Oliver</p><ol start="2"><li>What three concerns do you have about school re-opening in Sept?</li></ol><ol><li>Cleanliness. With the budget the schools have I don’t see how they will be able to have the people in place to do    </li></ol>
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    <p> .</p><p dir="ltr">To Jason Kenney, Dr. Hinshaw, and team,</p><p dir="ltr">We are ONE family of many who have been sitting back watching each Alberta province update about COVID19 trying to forgive the fact that time and time again OUR FAMILY is not mentioned or thought about. The family with a child who has complex medical needs. You know the ones who you have stated among THE MOST VULNERABLE during our global pandemic.</p><p dir="ltr">You have pushed this momma bear over the edge after making your latest education announcement and making absolutely no acknowledgment to families like ours, and I will no longer tolerate our children being ignored!  Once again our families are left on the sidelines, forgotten about, when we are the ones who HAVE THE MOST TO LOSE!!!!! </p>
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    <p>So my name is Jaime I have 2 children. My son is going into grade 4 hes my A typical child.  I have a daughter Emma she is 6 going into grade 1.   Emma has Autism and is Non verbal, She has a sever speech and language disorder.


I have been in this Disability world for 5 years. I had my daughter with GRIT for 3 years and I have done many speaking engagements for parents and advocacy for ASD and all disabilities.


Our main goal was INCLUSION for all kids.


Our Government in the last 6 months has failed the Alberta Education system.  I can say for all parents with disabilities that EVERY child in Canada is entitled to an Education, but with this government they are not doing their jobs that have been graciously given to them.


The Mental health of all our children have finally been considered by allowing the school to reopen. BUT they have again allowed the children that need more services to fall to the waist side. They have cut the funding so drastically that we as parents cannot allow our children to have the inclusion we dreamed and worked so hard for. NO parent ever wants any child of there’s to be “that Child” that’s left at the back of the class because they don’t have the services and help required to be successful.


None of this Is because of the schools or educators themselves. This front line people works so so hard for our kids. They want them in classrooms. They want them to be apart of the school dynamic. Disabilities is not new, 1 in 7 Children has a form of disabilities.


In the end Opening Schools is GREAT, but my daughter is not part of that statement, my daughter has no rights for services because this government feels is not necessary.


Parents are very scared about the education future for special needs.


I live everyday since my daughters diagnosis with this statement running through me everyday.


“I would not change you for the world, but I will change this world for you.”


Everyday I say this, im one mom in a group of thousands, im one mom fighting the fight for my child, im one mom that wants to see a government that sees us, im one mom that will not be shutting up anytime soon.


Every child is Entilted to an EDUCATION, this government is saying NO.



Hope this helps.  If you want anything more then please let know.


Jaime Sulatyski



I have 2 kids; a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old with a disability. I know for certain that without a cap on classroom size NEITHER child will be able to social distance in a school setting. This non plan seems like a “let’s see what happens and if too many people get sick or die, we will change it to scenario 2 or 3”.My 14-year-old could easily home school. He a self-directed learner. Returning or not to return will be his choice. My 10-year-old however needs to learn from teachers and speech pathologists. I cannot teach her in isolation. She needs to see her friends. She will slide back from all the gains she has made IN school.  What Mr. Kenney and Ms. La Grange do not understand is IF she gets sick, it’s a whole other world of stress, pain and increased risk of complications because of her disability. Have they considered vulnerable children in this plan AT ALL? Many kids with disabilities need to go back and they need the safety measures even more. If they capped the classroom size, did a hybrid, I would feel they actually have a chance at not getting covid.   I’m left feeling I can’t trust my government or Dr. Hinshaw to keep my family safe. I wanted my kids to go back safely, not feel like it will be a it will be a shot in the dark every morning I send them to school.  I am also wondering why I am currently telling my kids they can’t play with other kids and to wear masks when we go out when all this won’t happen in a few weeks at school? Makes no sense. 


So now I either have to quit my job and homeschool or chance sending him and him losing his life to COVID-19.

So basically my son  next to none, no immunity), cystic fibrosis,  2 fine motoring issues. Then, in May was then diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and PTSD from all the medical.

We lived in the Stollery Children’s Hospital off and on for the first three years or his life, causing him to fall behind most kids. At the age of 4 we had his tonsils removed (which were the size of an adult causing him not to be able to talk.)

His life hasn’t been the easiest by any means I mean which kid gets joy out of being in and out of the hospital, constantly being sick and never getting to do a lot of things that normal kids do etc play soccer or go skating etc.

When he started school this year he had some normal in his life . He was in the pufs program at school.  He was so happy and so excited for school. He got to be in a class with his best friend and he got to do normal things and they were people in that classroom to help him with every day simple things for us such.Without these aids we are afraid he will be bullied for things that he can not help. 

This has been by far the most emotional letter that I ever had to write . Not one parent in this world wants to out their child because they’re different, but at the same time no one ever wants to see their child suffer emotionally, mentally and physically. Which is what is going to happen with all these education cuts and the school reopening plan. How come his friends can go to school but he can’t?  I can’t say, “well you’re not able to do it alone yet.” I will never say because you’re different than other kids.”

Either which was you look it’s abuse and neglect from the government


        <h2>"With all of the return to school scenarios, it is critical that supports are provided to students with disabilities to ensure they have meaningful access to education. Failing to provide these supports will leave children with disabilities even further behind."</h2>
        <h2> -- Decoding Dyslexia Alberta</h2>

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