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3350-01) LASER 20-01 (COS)
May 20
Distribution List
References: A. Letter: Ontario Request for Assistance in Provincial Long Term Care Facilities,
Fed Min PS Blair to Ont SOLGEN Jones, 24 Apr 20; and
B. 3350-1 (J33) JTF-LR Task Order 003 - JTFC Op LASER 20-01, 26 Apr 20.
1. Sir, as auth at Ref A and directed at Ref B, JTFC has employed Augmented Civilian Care (ACC) teams, since 28 Apr 20, in ?ve Province of Ontario-prioritized Long Term Care Facilities(LTCF) that were in urgent and immediate need of personnel to provide humanitarian relief and
medical support.
2. Since arrival, and with the bene?t of two weeks of observation, CAF ACC haveidenti?ed a number of medical professional and technical issues present at the ?ve LTCF. From a command and medical perspective, challenges were expected at these facilities given the sevede?ciencies and shortfalls that existed/exist at the provincially-prioritized assignments; the CAFwas meant to go to locations with the greatest need of our support. This is a re?ection of the
conditions at those distressed locations. Consequently, issues and challenges have been collated and consolidated in medical reporting in the key areas of Standards and Quality of Medical Care.
Annexes provide detail by individual LTCF. The purpose of this letter is to ensure that these
observations do not go unnoticed by our chain of command, the Province of Ontario, and most
importantly at the individual LTCF where efforts are currently underway in an open, transparent and collaborative manner at the local level between each LTCF and ACC to aid in recovery byaddressing the speci?c areas of observation.
3. Nothing in this letter is meant to encroach upon the purview of the CAP Surgeon General, the established relationship between that of?ce and the Chief Medical Of?cer of Healthfor Ontario, or the formal and informal connections by the CFHS and its of?ces, with those medical and profesSional Colleges and Associations that represent the medical professionals and health care capabilities within the Ontario health care system. Rather, this is meant to
compliment that discussion by ensuring a command awareness on these issues so as to support the Surgeon General, the CFHS and our CAP medical and non-medical general duty personnel as they execute daily tasks as an ACC team in this unexpected and dif?cult operating environment.