To Jason Kenney, Dr. Hinshaw, and team,

We are ONE family of many who have been sitting back watching each Alberta province update about COVID19 trying to forgive the fact that time and time again OUR FAMILY is not mentioned or thought about. The family with a child who has complex medical needs. You know the ones who you have stated among THE MOST VULNERABLE during our global pandemic.

You have pushed this momma bear over the edge after making your latest education announcement and making absolutely no acknowledgment to families like ours, and I will no longer tolerate our children being ignored!  Once again our families are left on the sidelines, forgotten about, when we are the ones who HAVE THE MOST TO LOSE!!!!! I demand along with fellow parents of children with complex medical needs, and pre-existing conditions to have an update dedicated to our families. I want you to speak to us, address our questions, and tell us how you as a government have planned to INCLUDE our children into your reopening plans, and that includes THE SIBLINGS of our medical children.

You have a responsibility to give us some guidelines, and suggestions based on clinical evidence collected so that these decisions can be made properly by us, and our children’s doctors. If there isn’t enough data then simply address us and state that, stop ignoring us.  Time and time again you have mentioned the elderly, and people with pre-existing medical needs are at most risk, but neglect to speak to us directly during the updates of the provinces reopening. Why are we not mentioned during the school update?  Elaborate…. how does this include us as special needs parents? And how does this play into the decisions we make sending our children back to school? This includes siblings!

We understand and take responsibility of keeping our individual family’s safe and have mentally accepted that we do not have the same freedoms as typical family’s do. We get it, we have lived it for the years prior to COVID, but stop forgetting about us and include us in your announcements!! Give us some more information about what we as parents with complex medical children are to do, especially when we have siblings whose mental health are suffering before and during the global pandemic!!

We ask for a much deserved update addressed to the parents of medical children in what you have planned, and outlined in your school opening  to keep our children safe!

Signed one angry, and hurt special needs mother.

Gemma Fox