1. What is your child’s name..

Brooklyn, she’ll be 12 on Friday, going into grade 7. 

A little background on Brooklyn, she was born at 32 weeks with Tracheoeophageal Fistula (TEF) a heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) , she is non verbal and mentally delayed , she also has a feeding tube and when she gets sick, she gets really sick (she has been hospitalized many times just because of a cold) 

  1. What three concerns do you have about school re-opening in Sept.

How can  they monitor the kids? They’re only at school for part of the day, after they leave the school how can you know who/what they’re coming in contact with? Sure there will be strict rules at school but what about at home? What about the parents who believe that this isn’t a big deal or the teens who think they know everything? I can’t see how it’s safe to have buildings full of kids coming and going everyday. 

How fair is this for the teachers? They are already dealing with large classroom sizes, funding cuts, and now we’re piling the extra pressure of trying to keep things Covid free. Being a teacher is hard enough now the government is doing this to them, and if there are outbreaks its the school and teacher who will be blamed and not the government. 

Why are we sending the kids back while the cases are on the rise is it really for the right reasons? 

  1. Were you consulted at all?


  1. What hardships will this create.

I’m a single mom, it’s just me and her. I can’t go back to work because of the risk of getting sick, so financially it’s very hard, but I rather worry about that then my child getting sick. It’s terrifying watching your child fight for their life, if I can try to prevent it from happening again you bet your butt I’m going to do whatever I can to avoid it!

 .. Will Brooklyn be going back to school in the fall? Nope not a chance! It’s not worth her health!