He now lives at home with us. He doesn’t qualify for any of the funding that has been offered, because he has not worked since his summer job ended in August of 2019. He hasn’t been laid off, — he doesn’t qualify for EI, CERB, the Emergency Isolation Payment (that nobody can get into to apply for anyways) or anything that has been offered. He is lucky enough to be at home with us now, but what about the kids who can’t go home to their parents? What about the parents who have also lost jobs, etc and can’t support these kids?

My youngest son,, is just finishing his second year of studies at Ryerson University in Toronto. He shares an apartment with two others, but they pay over $1,000 per month in rent, utilities, etc each. Never mind groceries, laundry and regular life expenses. That son also has not had employment since his summer job ended last August. He was interviewing for a Summer Drama Camp Coordinator at Ryerson for his summer employment, as well as involved in several plays that were taking place from April to June. All of those things, which would have been his source of income and savings for the next school year, are cancelled. He also doesn’t qualify for any of the funding being offered by our government and has no way to get a job. There are no rent subsidies, he has a lease on his apartment until May 2021, deferments only last a few months and then the full amount is owed. Who helps those kids live? Again, we are supporting him as much as we can but I have been laid off and most families don’t have income to support another full household at these times.

I haven’t heard of anyone even speaking of these young adults. They seem to be totally forgotten. Who can help them? My kids will be ok, but there are surely others who are suffering. 


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