OK: much embarrassment on my behalf — Sherwood Park son Mark Pysyk. Last week Pysyk scored a hat-trick for the Florida Panthers. I  am so pleased the reporters got his first name right.

Because, one reporter got his name wrong. 

On one of his biggest days in hockey.

I know. It was … me.

I was covering the Edmonton Oil Kings in 2007 and Mark was called up as a 16th-year-old at towards the end of the season. I was there, that Saturday afternoon, when Mark walked in the east door of Rexall Place. He looked razor sharp, in a suit and tie.

We spoke in a small room for 20 minutes. 

I wrote a story for the day’s newspaper. I thought it was a good story.

I really did.

But, I made a glaring mistake in the first paragraph.

I called Mark — are you ready — Mike. In the paper.

For his first game in the Western Hockey League .

Sorry ‘bout that, Mel.


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