Grandma Anderson introduces … Listening Lynn – July 27, 2017


Hi there. I want you to meet someone special — and, not special because she has a disabillity … but special because of her attidude. Her caring. And how she wants to help people.

Yes, yes, yes.

So meet my dear  friend, Listening Lynn.

listening Lynn


Hi. I’m listening Linda. And I’m a psycholgist. I like helping people with mental health issues and challenges. 

I may not be able to chase you across the street, on down an isle at the mall or follow you up a flight of stairs to be with you when you feel like the world  is falling apart in your head.

But, boy …. I can listen. And I can read.

And perhaps it’s during the night, when it’s dark, and quiet. And we’re all alone. Scared, maybe: a time when we feel our most vulernable. And want to talk, to admit that we think we might have mental health challenges.

I’ll be here, every night, at Grandma Anderson’s. I can cook eggs any way you want them. Hashbrowns, bacon and sausages. All comfort food.

I want to hear from you. If you’re scared, Or confused. Or need help. I’m going to play some music. Feel free to send a note. I don’t need your name. I don’t need to know you’re email address.

All you need to know is I’m here. And I want to do nothing but listen.








A bag of mixed emotions — July 24, 2017


Well, Happy Monday. We’re so glad you popped by.

Cam has a  special message today…
newcamMy heart is in my throat today: I’m heading to one of my most favourite places on the planet, Meota, Sask. It’s a town North of North Battleford where my father up.  I spent every summer there for close to 40 years; Meota borders Jackfish Lake. Hours before each trip I was so excited about going to say hello to folks…and, yes, we will do that this evening.

But there purpose of the journey is to attend the memorial service of my dad’s first cousin, Winston.

I turned to the Bible and found…d8b8aa65eb321b36ee175c523935c652--bible-verses-for-encouragement-encouraging-bible-versesSaskatchewanHighway697Map